sarah reilly

About Sarah

Signature Style
Architectural, artistic and personalized. Functional with whimsical touches.

Design Passion
Reconsidering assumptions and utilizing space differently

Color has a voice. I can build an entire room design treatment around one color with varying hues and intensity.

Strikes A Cord With Me…
Layers and textures, bold impacts and taking risks with contrasting elements.

Design Inspiration
Artisans, craftspeople, world markets, showrooms with amazing trims, wall coverings and textiles.

Traveling around the world and hunting for the “perfect” object of art concept to complete the design.

Favorite Assignment
Designing comfortable spaces, rooted in tradition with unique, whimsical accents.

Most Important Client Question
How do you live in your space?

Changing the real world is where the fun is, though!  Over the past two decades, I have restored and rehabilitated three apartments and four houses of my own.  As a serial rehabber, I learn new things with each project that go well beyond most of my typical project engagements.

I’ve always had a flair for understanding space, a strong instinct for how to create the right flows and a passion for color.  With creativity and imagination, any room can be turned into a work of art, and unlocking this potential is what inspires me in my work.

Interior Design has been a passion throughout my life.  My drive to become a professional Interior Designer evolved from my first career as an art teacher, and I have always believed that art should be a tactile part of your daily life.

The New York School of Interior Design focuses on planning, knowledge of different styles and an understanding of the trades and skills required to decorate. In earning my Masters in Fine Arts there, I gained technical knowledge in architecture, engineering, space planning, architectural lighting, textiles, rendering and the science of color.